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Please provide your proposed research paper topic to me for approval during Week 2. This should include a paragraph or two of context and a short list of current secondary sources you intend to reference. You should look into an area that interests you in government and public administration. It should fall into one of our program objectives:

Assess the leading approaches to managing public organizations
Evaluate the moral, legal, and ethical aspects of decision-making in the public sector
Evaluate the government budgeting process and funding of government programs and organizations
Appraise the role of government organizations in public policy development and implementation
Develop solutions to a public issue that take into account multiple stakeholders and decision-makers
Implement the core concept of public service by providing evidence of service to the public or nonprofit sector
Critique a difficult political situation and offer creative and innovative solutions that take into account multiple stakeholders and decision-makers
Assess the part diversity, or lack thereof, plays in public administration

These are large overarching concepts so you will need to narrow your topic considerably.

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