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1: Original Essays

Original essay writing is one of the top requested services that Homework Nerds provide. With this service, we can write any research paper for you. Just provide us with your assignment instructions, and one of our top writers can write the essay for you. Your order comes with a money-back guarantee and a plagiarism-free guarantee.

2: Original Power Point

This service – Original PowerPoint presentation  –, 100% PLAGIARISM FREE PowerPoint presentations services, customized to your needs and topic. Each PowerPoint slide comes with APA 6th edition standard using the 5-5-100 method. Means, Five bullets per slide, five words per bullet, and 100 words in speaker notes with at least one reference. The cover slide of the PowerPoint, the design, and the reference slide is free of charge. The PowerPoint presentations service comes with a money-back guarantee and a plagiarism-free guarantee.


The discussion questions service Homework Nerds offer is one unique service that allows students to have peace of mind. We can either log in to your school to post your discussion questions or you can send us your own set of questions. Please note that each question is answered with 150 words and one reference. Each post made will be 100% original content and plagiarism-free.

4: Learning Teams

The learning team service we offer is for those students who need help with an assignment that involves a group of students. With this service, we complete your assignment portion of the learning team project. our work will be aligned with the project details and requirements.


Whether you need it with your labs or any excel sheet. We can take care of it for you. We can help in all Accounting, Finance, statistics, and Math classes. Just order the lab / Excel service, and we will get it done for you.

6: Entire week/class

The entire week or class plan is a premium service for elite students, where the team of Homework Nerds takes care of all the week or class activities. 

7: Final exams

With the final exams service, We log in to your school to take your final exam. In most cases, and given the extensive experience of our team, we score more than 90% in most exams. Yet, we only guarantee 80% or more grades. If we score below 80%, we refund the percentage of the wrong answers.